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Indulge in the captivating allure of the Automne dinnerware collection, where chestnut brown and caramel hues evoke a sense of warmth , reminiscent of the winter season. Drawing inspiration from the French court, this exquisite set boasts bold petal-like reliefs and elegant brown accents, akin to the timeless grandeur of a vintage French palace. Crafted from stoneware, each piece exudes a substantial weight, akin to the richness of aged palace oils. It’s as if the joy of a bountiful harvest permeates the very air around this collection. With choices of pristine white or tantalizing caramel, this collection offers versatility for any occasion, be it a lavish party, a cozy picnic, a dreamy wedding, or simply adding charm to your home. From plates to bowls and cups, each item is thoughtfully designed with ample capacity and durable craftsmanship. Let Automne warm your heart in the colder seasons of fall and winter, infusing every moment with a touch of elegance.

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