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About Hosen

Hosen has been focusing on the production of ceramic tableware since 1998.

Strong Ceramic Tableware Manufacturer

Since 1998, Hosen has been focusing on the production of ceramic tableware, which has always maintained sincerity and love, integrating ceramic art into everyone’s daily life, and is committed to providing global customers with vertical setup homeware and customization services.

As an innovative ceramic houseware manufacturer, we help brands churn out best-selling products, helping them with the design, selection, production, and marketing of stunning ceramicware.

Art. Quality. Lots of love.

Hosen is where traditional craftsmanship meets today’s market trends. Each product from our workshop has a story to tell – they cozy up any home setting, and help families create lasting memories. With over 20 years in operation, Hosen continues spreading warmth and joy in thousands of households.

We don’t just produce products but offer a portal to warm memories that emerge at dinner tables, kitchens, and homes across the world. Our love for nature makes us focus more on homeware’s sustainability and environment-friendly.

Why We Call Ourselves “HOSEN”

We are called HOSEN for a reason. We blend ancient craftsmanship with the warm touch of contemporary design. In doing so, we stay true to our roots while making the world a more beautiful place.

Our products are born out of nature, and we truly believe in crafting them sustainably. At HOSEN, Honesty, Optimist, Sustainability, Enthusiasm, and Novation intermix with love to transform into homely products your customer will fall in love with.

Our Story

Every ceramic masterpiece we create has a story to tell. But where did our story begin?

Like many traditional Chinese women, Michey had been assisting her husband to run a traditional ceramics workshop passed down by his father. The workshop Two Eight Ceramics was founded in 1998. Soon, however, Michey stepped out of the tradition and founded the overseas e-commerce platform of Two Eight Ceramics.

Among the earliest employees were married mothers and young girls. She soon realized she wanted to open a wider gateway for these women to work and play their values.

No upgrading without breaking, Mickey has a heart that will not admit defeat. She leads the team to keep trying, exploring, breaking through, and innovating, and has successively created joint creations with well-known domestic and foreign designers, and gradually took the brand abroad to achieve international standards and let more people know us. This is when the brand HOSEN was born.

Our People

Meet Our Talented Team

At HOSEN, our success is attributed to our talent and dedicated team. Here, every player in every department is at the top of their game. Our spinning wheels of product design, production management, warehouse, project management, business management, and other departments keep our work flowing smoothly. Our team cannot stop falling in love with what they do, which is our secret to delivering the best quality products into your hands.

Michey Chen

Brand Founder of Hosen

Leo Wu

Manufacturing Supervisor

Hana Liu

Sales Director

Our Factory and Workers

Located in the picturesque Chaozhou, China – our factory sprawls across 60,000 square meters. More than 300 “ceramic wizards” craft the finest of ceramic handicrafts, lighting up the houses and kitchens of families and restaurants across the globe. Hosen factory puts both traditional and modern production facilities to use. Our state-of-the-art factory features 4 traditional kilns, 1 orbital kiln, and 2 automated production lines for the creation of high-quality, durable, and efficient products. Having been creating mesmerizing ceramics for over 20 years, we can safely say, we know our craft better than anyone else. Our products stand the test of time and they come with the “legacy” of making the users of our products happy!

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