Dinner Set

  • Hosen Home Frosty Tranquility

    Frosty Tranquility

    A thin layer of frost adorns the grass and trees.
    They are crystal clear and seem to have been touched by the magic of nature.

  • Hosen Home Bymos


    Gathering niche aesthetics, original designs, and hand-made fun, we will work with you to get rid of the mediocre life.

  • Hosen Home Guardians of the Coastline 6

    Guardians of the Coastline

    The unique form of the rocks, aimed to produce rich color changes during the firing process, Bringing forth the unique texture of oceanic rocks on the ceramic surface.

  • Hosen Home Iceberg


    Incorporating the beauty, purity, coldness, and power of the glacier sea into ceramics.

  • Hosen Home Nature's Ecological Aesthetics

    Nature’s “Ecological Aesthetics”

    The ceramic firing process, allows each piece, to possess unique colors and textures, much like the ever-changing moss and rocks.

  • Hosen Home Sea's Artwork

    Sea’s Artwork

    During the firing process of ceramics, Each piece gains its own unique color and texture, just like the ever-changing hues of seashells.

  • Hosen Home Tapestry of Evening Glow

    Tapestry of Evening Glow

    The colors and textures of the evening glow and sunset merge into the ceramics.

  • Hosen Home The Enchanting Symphony 1

    The Enchanting Symphony

    Infusing the beauty, tranquility, power, and vitality of the beach into ceramics.Immerse yourself in the grandeur and delicacy of nature.

  • Hosen Home The Essence of Spring 1

    The Essence of Spring

    Injecting the flexibility, color, and growth dynamics of wild grasses into ceramics.

  • Hosen Home The Life's Rings

    The Life’s Rings

    On the surface of ceramics, it’s as if tree rings slowly unfold, Colors transitioning from deep to light, symbolizing the passage of time and the growth of life.

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