Hosen has been focusing on the production of ceramic tableware since 1998.

About Environmental Protection

Hosen Home

Our mission to protect the environment drives us to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our production process.

We believe that the beauty of our tableware stems from nature’s gifts, which is why we’re committed to sustainable practices.

Each year, we recycle over 80% of the surplus materials generated during production, transforming wastewater and redirecting food waste to support renewable energy and livestock industries.

At Hosen, every packaging is designed for natural degradation and recycling, while our strict standards ensure that hazardous chemicals are avoided, and resource extraction is done responsibly.

Our commitment to energy efficiency extends to using high-standard equipment and LED lighting throughout our factory.
The production line uses high-standard energy-saving equipment, which saves 20% energy than traditional ones.

As we look to the future, we’re exploring clean energy sources like wind and solar power and optimizing transportation routes to conserve energy.

Hosen Home Sustainability

We recognize that there’s always room for improvement on the path to sustainability.
By implementing environmentally friendly production plans, iterating production technologies, and protecting the environment, we are committed to achieving corporate social responsibility goals.

We envision Hosen Home’s tableware becoming timeless classics, not just for their quality and design, but also for the positive impact they have on our planet.

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